Sometimes you have to refuse to spend, and hold onto your wallet for dear life. You don’t always need to spend money to have fun. Lucky for you, Cape Town offers a number of free outdoor adventures for you to enjoy.  Its mountains are tall and ready to be conquered. The trails are set for you to walk. One of these trails is the Woodstock Cave. On these freezing winter days, you can cuddle up inside it, and enjoy the splendid view it offers.

The Woodstock Cave lies on one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city, or even country, Table Mountain. It is among the largest caves in the mountain, and it’s pretty amazing that you can hike up to it. It is accessed through Tafelberg Road or Rhodes Memorial. The routes are zigzag, so make sure to wear comfortable closed shoes.

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The CBD has recently been named the most-visited tourist attraction in South Africa. The view from the Woodstock Cave will give you a perfect opportunity to appreciate the city, and see why tourists love it. Beauty is always on-site where the sea is concerned. From the cave, you’ll see the ocean and the buildings as though they are intertwined. The CBD, Lion’s Head and Table Bay are the views presented stunningly by the Woodstock Cave.

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Interested in visiting the cave? Pack snacks and water for a fun picnic. There are no dustbins, so bring a garbage bag for your rubbish, and take it with you when you leave. Since it’s winter, you’re safe from heatstroke, but if you do hike on a hot day, wear sunscreen and a hat. The majority of the walk is exposed.

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Besides the views of the city, the cave offers incredible sights of its flora. Take your friends or family up for a day of relaxation, surrounded by the peacefulness of nature. Kids from age 12 upwards are allowed to hike the mountain. You don’t even need to leave your dogs behind. Bring them up. This is a form of exercise. You’ll get fit while having fun!

Should you need to be rescued, or if someone gets injured, call Mountain Rescue at +27 21 937 0300. Take a First Aid Kit with you. Rather safe than sorry.

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