‘I am trying to find new ways to tell stories, new ways to be a filmmaker. In the hundred years since the technology has existed the way we experience cinema hasn’t changed. This experiment is one of my first forays into what I call future film, you won’t see my path yet, neither can I, but I feel it will be my El Dorado. I am scouting along the arteries of lucid dreaming – it’s a voyage of discovery. When I get there I will have found you.’ – Bryan Little.

This has got to be one of the coolest things in Cape Town at the moment.

The Endemic Project, best described as an experimental and immersive installation experience, is found along Rhodes Drive and is both artistic and informative in nature.  If you venture past Kirstenbosch Gardens toward Constantia Nek (preferably at night and at the recommended chilled speed of 50km/h) you’ll notice what at first appears to be only several illuminated outlines of indigenous fauna and flora. But the more you attentively look around this stretch of forested freeway, you will see up to 40 of these ‘glowing fynbos creatures’.

Think Cape Chameleons, Cape Leopard Toads, Geometric Tortoises, Table Mountain Butterflies, Ghost Frogs and Sunbirds. We have the most interesting animals with intriguing sounds, but unfortunately, they all have a bleak tale to tell – they are either endangered or critically endangered.

The Endemic Project creator Bryan Little has combined a visual and audio experience that pays homage to these endangered residents of the area. With this use of the VoiceMap app, users can be guided on a informative tour through a stunning part of the city.


Sound designer Sylvan Aztok has mastered the audio for the experience. Take a listen here.

Download the app used for The Endemic Project for iOS here and for Android here.

endemic 1 endemic 2 endemic 3 endemic 4 endemic 5 endemic 7 endemic 8 endemic 9

Photography Josh Adams/HSM Images

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