If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll see that we’ve featured images of Wally’s Cave quite a few times. When searching the hashtag #wallyscave, you’ll see that this not-so-secret spot is a gem worth finding. It presents incredible photo opportunities, an impressive backdrop for your yoga pose, magnificent views, a neat picnic spot, a chance to get in touch with nature and to imagine what it would be like to spend a night in a cave.

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The primary paths on Lion’s Head are constantly abuzz with chatter from hikers appreciating the splendid views. When you veer off the beaten track, it becomes strangely quieter and more peaceful.

As we approached the destination, we saw that some other hikers were exploring the cave. We gave them a chance to capture the perfect moment on camera. We made our way up once they had left and enjoyed the large, shady, cool spot inside.

The hiking community cares about the cave. On my most recent visit, I saw that rock graffiti that had been there just a couple of weeks earlier had been removed.

If you are familiar with Lion’s Head, there are a few different ways to get to Wally’s Cave. I prefer the longer way, as it feels a little easier and you can still enjoy the 360-degree views as you hike. For this route, you can head up as you normally would until you get to the first ladder. Don’t take the ladder, but rather sneak off to the left past the already broken barbed wire fencing. wally

Keep to the well-trodden path, and if in doubt, head slightly down rather than up. Be careful not to head all the way down, as this links to the shorter route (described below). You’ll pass a few ‘landmarks’ and small caves along the way. Below are a few photos of these, so if you see them, you know you’re on the right track. If you don’t see the scenes in the exact order, don’t worry, because there are a few interconnected off-paths that will likely still lead you to the target. wally-1 wallys-2 wally3 wally-4 wally-5 wally-6 wally-7

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The shorter route is laden with dark coloured dust and it’s not difficult to wipe out, which is why I avoid it. If you decide to brave this path, you will start up the gravel track in an anti-clockwise direction. Look out for an upward path on the mountain shortly after the second bench but before the paraglider’s launching area. Head upwards until you see a large rock and some concrete debris. This will lead you up to the cave as described before.


If you’re unconvinced, read our blog post to find out why Lion’s Head is amazing.

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Where Turn off from Kloofnek Road to get to Lion’s Head
Contact 24-hour emergency number: +27 86 110 6417, SANParks Kloofnek office: +27 21 422 1401

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