On Sunday afternoon, if you looked up in Cape Town, you would have been greeted with a cotton wool filled sky – a beautiful sight to behold. Otherwise known as altocumulus clouds, they are a common occurrence in the City and make for picture perfect shots.

What is an altocumulus cloud?
This cloud’s name originates from latin words altus (which means high) and cumulus (which means a mass or heap). It forms between 2 – 7 kilometers in the sky, which makes it a middle-level cloud.

They occur like layers or patches of little clouds in the forms of rolls, bunches and heaps – like a sky filled with cotton wool balls. They are generally white or grey in colour.

What do these clouds mean?
Altocumulus clouds do not usually produce rain, but they are a clear indicator of a change in weather within a day or two. Which is spot on considering Cape Town is expecting rain tomorrow.

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Picture: Nidha Narrandes

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