Now that wildfire season is mostly behind us, we can breathe a sigh of relief.

Nobody can deny that it was a hectic season indeed. Some instances during the December-to-April window saw dozens of wildfires in a single day. But let’s remember that fire is a crucial part of the fynbos lifecycle, a necessary step in the germination process, typically occurring naturally about 20 years. Man’s encroachment has caused a spike in the number of fires, too much for nature to handle. Whether it’s the work of arsonists or just careless smokers, we’ve been seeing an increasing trend of wildfires in recent years, which is why kudos must be given to City firefighters and associated organisations like Volunteer Wildlife Services and Working on Fire who are effectively managing the situation and protecting ourselves as well as wildlife from harm.

Many of us are familiar with Justin Sullivan, the creative force behind Sullivan Photography, the man responsible for filling our feeds with spectacular photos of blazes, firefighters and volunteer services in the thick of it. Justin’s keen eye provides us with extraordinary insight into the work of these heroes and has recently put together an album highlighting 100 images as a tribute to our firefighters.

Here is a pick of our favourites.

A full gallery can be found here.

Photography Justin Sullivan

Article written by

Justin Williams

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