Every year during September, Mother Nature shows off her creativity as she dresses the natural world in a breath-taking mix of colours, flavours, sights and sounds – an exhibition that we call Spring. Taking inspiration from the season, Vuse has released a limited-edition collection of unique devices and Zero Nicotine flavours that are guaranteed to breathe new life into your vape collection. 


The two limited-edition ePod device colours of Vuse’s Spring Collection were inspired by the natural beauty found on the African continent: Emerald, lush like the indigenous forests of the Tsitsikamma or the vibrant floodplains of the Okavango Delta, and Pink Salt, crystalline and pure like the pink waters of Lake Retba in Senegal or the majestic fields of the Namaqualand wildflowers.  

Whether you’re a long-time vaper looking for a new signature device to add to your collection, or new to the vape game and keen to get your hands on something special for your first device, either of these unique colours will feel like a natural fit. Get your very own Emerald or Pink Salt Vuse ePod online now, while stocks last.


Vuse’s new Spring Collection also includes two limited-edition Zero Nicotine flavours, crafted with premium extracts for a truly natural taste experience. Raspberry Lychee is bursting with freshness thanks to a masterful blend of raspberry and lychee flavours, with real mint extract for a fresh finish, while Peach Lemon combines mouth-watering ripe peach with the zestiness of real lemon extract. 

Only a limited number of each flavour is available, and they’ve already sold out online, so get yours at your nearest Vuse Inspiration Store, while stocks last. Head to their website

If you’re looking to get into the spirit of the season, why not try Vuse’s Flavours of Spring Combo: for only R399 (including free delivery), you’ll receive both limited-edition Spring Collection Zero Nicotine flavours as well as an Iced Mango pod pack with a new graphite Vuse ePod device. 

Rediscover your natural creativity with Vuse’s limited-edition Spring Collection, in bloom until 30 September. Available online or at your nearest Vuse Inspiration Store while stocks last. 

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