As Capetonians, we love our fresh fish. It’s a staple part of our culture, and luckily we don’t even have to leave our home to get our hands on it.

Caught Online, a sustainably sourced online seafood store delivers A-grade fresh fish straight to your door. Co-Founders Calvin and Gareth wanted to offer customers a unique seafood experience that wasn’t available at any local retailer.

“It’s what we like to call fish without the fuss and we’re bringing it to your dinner table. We’re passionate about seafood, and we want to share that passion with you. Instead of having to stop by the grocery store to buy your favourite seafood dish, we’re delivering it directly to your door in just 1 day,” the explain.

“We love seafood and we want everyone to have the chance to enjoy it. Our generation and the next. Which is why we commit to ensuring that all of the seafood offered on our website is sourced from responsible and ethical fisheries and traceable back to its point of origin.”

Fish does not have to be intimidating to cook, but for those afraid of the stove, here are a few recipes to enjoy fresh food in its raw form.

Salmon poke bowl:

Poke bowls are all the rage right now, but can cost you a pretty penny at eateries. Why not make our own at home? The joy of poke bowls is that you can use pretty much any ingredients, there is no rhyme or reason.

Pair a scoop of rice with cubed salmon sashimi, sliced avocado, pickled ginger, cucumber, arugula and carrots for some soft and crunchy textures and a mix of flavours. You can make a quick dressing with soy sauce, honey and sesame seed oil to pour over the salmon for extra tang.


Ceviche is a quick and easy dish to put together that always wows guests. All you need are the right ingredients and chopping skills.

Ahi tuna, sea bass and shrimp work well as fish options for this dish. Simply dice up the fish then ‘cook’ it in a marinade of garlic, finely sliced red onion, salt, pepper, chillies and lime juice for about 30 minutes. The longer you cure it, the firmer the fish is.

Mix in sliced cucumber and tomato after the curing and viola, you’re done! Serve it with soft-shell tacos, nachos, a salad or as is. Garnish with cilantro for an added bonus.

DIY sushi

Sushi may seem intimidating but it’s pretty simple to make. You’ll need sushi rice, a fish of your choice (salmon, tuna or tempura are firm favourites), cucumber, avocado, carrots, seaweed paper (specifically designed for sushi) and sesame seeds.

Spread an even layer of the sushi rice over the seaweed paper, then start building your fillings in the centre. Roll it all up with a bamboo matt to get the perfect sushi shape, drizzle the top with sesame seeds and then slice into individual servings. Serve with soy sauce for dipping, wasabi for heat and picked ginger to cleanse the palette in between bites.


Long considered an aphrodisiac, oysters are a polarising food often served at fancy functions. The joy of this dish is that it works well on its own or paired with extra ingredients.

Serve with some tobasco sauce for a simple yet indulgent starter. If you want to elevate it, you can top with a mixture of finely diced red onion, cucumber, mint and olive oil. You can also opt for a sweet and spicy combo using a mixture of finely diced mango, chilli and lime juice.

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