With so many beds and all their different options, buying a bed is overwhelming to say the least. But a local company is changing all that, making online ordering, front door delivery and one-style-fits-all the new, simpler standard. 

Sloom is a South African Mattress brand established in 2016 with the main goal of simplifying the mattress buying experience with a mattress in a box. A product designed to eliminate the confusion and frustration of commission driven, high markup beds in the South African Market. As an online exclusive sleep company, Sloom sells directly to consumers with products being delivered to your door in an easy-to-handle sized box.

Rudo, founder of Sloom, says that when he was working in the retail industry selling beds, one of his biggest frustrations was the massive variety of different beds and all their different (but technically the same) features. Clients were overwhelmed by the choices. Terms like ‘orthopaedic’ were just the over-used salesperson words with little to substantiate them. It became Sloom’s mission to understand every detail and composition of each bed.

Another obstacle was clients’ uncertainty regarding which comfort preference to choose. And a quick lie down on a bed in store did not suffice, as it is impossible to determine whether one will comfortably sleep on a certain bed by only laying on it for a few minutes while the sales man creepily stares at you.

In 2015 Sloom’s founder first started with the idea of incorporating different comfort layers within a single mattress. Which started as a turn mattress with two different comfort levels, one on each side, later became a customizable mattress with four different levels, each layer contributing to the mattress as a whole.

Owning a brick and mortar retail shop with excessive overheads as well as a bad location, played a valuable role in their drive to create an online shop that’s superior to all the established bed stores. Simplifying your mattress buying experience.

Gone are the days where your only option to buy a bed is to visit a store where the beds are all lined up next to each other, begging for a test drive. Consumers can now purchase their beds online and have it shipped to their doorstep, compressed inside a box.

Sloom is a unique local concept and the only company that offers this easy and quick comfort adjustable bed buying option in the country.

Treat yourself to a new level of comfort here.

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