Stiles sets trends for 2021 with exclusive tile brands

True to their slogan, “Keep it Stylish”, Stiles is setting trends in South Africa’s home finishing industry. As stockists of a variety of exclusive brands imported from the trend-setting countries of Europe and South America, Stiles provides tiles and sanitary ware products that are yet to be introduced to the country.

Terrazzo makes a comeback!

Terrazzo originates from Italy. The look was created when workers used discarded pieces of marble during construction. It is not a new look, but every so often, the style is reimagined, and a beautiful comeback emerges. Stiles is all about that comeback and offers at least eight terrazzo ranges, of which five are exclusive to Stiles. Ceusa’s Confete range is a favourite and is available in Pink (coming soon), White and Colour Mix, while Monocibec’s Chiaroscuro range which can also be used in high traffic areas is available in Deep, Salar, and Cliff. These ranges are perfect for customers wanting a unique product for their setting. 

Ceusa Confete White Natural 1000x1000mm available at Stiles

Shapes, shapes and more shapes!

Art Deco made its stunning entrance to the world in the 1920s. One hundred years have passed since then and stylish geometry is making a modern resurgence. Hexagons, circles, rectangles, rhombuses, squares and the like, is what we want on our walls and floors! Stiles is keeping it trendy with its unique line items from Realonda, sporting all the shapes you’d want in your spaces and attracting clients with an eye for distinctive styles.

Realonda Rhombus Snow 265x510mm available at Stiles

Décor Tiles

Whether its pattern, a splash of colour or bold graphics drawing attention to this new trend, it’s quite obvious that décor tiles have slowly become all the rage in today’s day and age! Stiles seeks to take this one step further by introducing textured patterns for décor tiles from Ceusa and Mykonos and vibrant asymmetrical colours from Naxos’ Hub range. Characteristic of distinguished looks in any space, these tiles are satisfying the customer’s need for individual style.

Naxos Hub Stem Rectified 312x797mm available at Stiles

“The mission of Stiles has always been to provide exclusive and unique products to the market,” says Etienne Joubert, Founder of Stiles. Steve Joubert, CEO of Stiles adds that it is his goal to set the trends in South Africa and the globe, “At Stiles, we’re giving everyone the opportunity to Keep it Stylish!”

Visit any of the Stiles showrooms or their website ( to view the wide range of exclusive tiles stocked at Stiles.

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