Vawter Hard Seltzer teamed up with Love Island SA Season 1 winners, Thimna Shooto and Libho Geza, for the latest Embrace All Sides campaign and chatted to the loved up couple about how they live life with balance and embrace the many different sides of themselves from working out to chilling out. Thimna and Libho also reveal one unexpected fact about themselves that not many people know about.

What does living life with balance mean to you?

“To us, living life with balance means being able to enjoy life, live guilt-free and show up for yourself by following through with your commitments”.

Name one thing you think you are most known for & people love the most about you?

“We’re known mostly for being on television and winning Season 1 of Love Island South Africa. People love that we embody holistic people. We take care of ourselves and are disciplined”.

Besides working, what other activity’s do you love doing for fun, relaxation etc.

“We love trying new things, travelling and going to the beach”.

Tell us one unexpected thing that not many people know about you? Something that not many people know that you are really interested in or love doing?

“Not many people know that Libho’s fave movie is Hairspray and he loves singing along to the soundtrack. Thimna used to hunt birds for sport at young age”.

Why do you think it’s important for people to embrace the many different sides / facets of themselves?

“We think that being a holistic person is very fulfilling. Knowing yourself and truly embracing and loving the different sides of yourself helps you lead your own life and destiny and makes you truly content in life”.

Why do you think it’s important for everyone to live with balance?

“Balance brings peace and security in oneself. It is so important to tap into as many aspects of your life as possible”.

What helps you achieve balance in your life?

“Prioritising the different aspects of our life and making space to enjoy our different sides”.

Tell us the most outrageous thing you have done that no one would have expected you to do?

“We recently climbed a 30m ride that dropped at 100km per hour on top of a 26 floor hotel in Cape Town. Thimna is afraid of heights so it was a nerve-wrecking experience for her, but so worth it!”

What does Living Life on the Light Side mean to you?

“To us, Living Life on the Light Sides means not taking everything too seriously and being able to laugh at each other and ourselves”.

Which line describes you the best:

A– Sometimes sizzling braai, Sometimes sizzling moves with zesty Lemon & Lime Vawter

B – Sometimes beach day, Sometimes leg day with refreshing Cucumber Vawter

C – Sometimes workout, Sometimes work it with juicy Grapefruit Vawter

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Live on the light side with Vawter Hard Seltzer and embrace all sides of yourself

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