Inspired by travels in the East, Enmasse presents the Western world with the concept of massage as a way of life rather than as a luxury.

Western culture has incorporated many aspects of the Orient in recent years. Enmasse allows you to experience the de-stressing effects of an authentic Thai massage in an easily accessible way.


The West has always been fascinated with the East and this has often led to aspects of Eastern life being made somewhat exclusive in the West. An excellent example is sushi. The idea of purposefully eating raw fish and having to pay (high) prices for it was absurd just a couple of decades ago. Today it’s one of the most prolific ‘fast foods.’ A key to its success is that people want the entire experience – served in an authentic environment and prepared in the traditional way, which allows one to see the process and feel part of the culture.


Enmasse is comparable. Massage is seen as an impromptu pleasure in the East whereas in the West, it’s seen as something that you have to plan. Enmasse offers you the benefits of a genuine Thai oil-free massage in comfortable linen clothing in a unique, authentic and aesthetically appealing space, and in a convenient way.

Feel like a massage? Walk into the beautiful Victorian building. Book a massage, exchange your attire for easy-wearing linen clothing and move through to a serene lounge area with plush sofas and a ‘tea tree’ on a wall containing more than 40 exotic teas. Unwind and order your favourite from the menu, let the timer tell you how long to steep the tea and then hydrate and enjoy.


Once you are feeling relaxed, follow the calming music upstairs. Everyone, clad in white, is set off against the deep blue hue of the walls. The massage area is cleverly designed with sliding panels offering you just the right amount of privacy while not cutting you off from the ambience. An English speaking massage therapist, trained in authentic Thai massage (Shiatsu and reflexology specialists are also available) will work magic with you.


Let the benefits of muscular relief loosen you up completely. Afterwards, no one will rush you out, so hang out for a while and feel at home. Head downstairs for more tea and leave feeling thoroughly renewed – just what a massage is intended to do.

Walk-ins are welcome, but memberships offer benefits. Secure free parking is also available.

When Seven days a week including holidays 8 am – 10 pm (depending on demand)
Where Entrance and parking via Gate 2 on Schoonder Road, 123 Hope Street, Gardens, CBD
Cost R335 – R395 depending on the package
Contact +27 21 461 5650, [email protected]

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