I’m a firm believer that sleeping on fresh, pretty bedding makes you feel 10 times better when you get your beauty sleep (even when you’re at your worst after a night of clubbing and you feel as if you’ve been hit by a truck). Linen has the power to transform a space from drab to your own sacred soft haven.  This is exactly what the Zana statement line linen range aspires to do.

Zana is a Cape Town-based company that produces textiles and homeware, and ships locally and internationally.

Zana’s statement line linen range features cute, hand-drawn patterns by the Zana team. All their designs are created by drawing with a Sharpie pen on a piece of paper so that it can be easily transferred and scanned.


The Zana team has a brainstorming session to see if everyone likes the designs, and offer their input. The designs are then scaled and sized correctly before being sent off for printing.


The linen for this range is white, and features cool designs and patterns such as midnight food snacks ranging from pizza to watermelon slices, a blinking eye and eyelashes design as well as a simpler design with black straight line patterns.

The Zana range is available in many different sizes that are made to fit standard South African duvets. Zana recommends purchasing one size bigger than your duvet at home to add a fuller look to your soft haven.


Cost R699 – R1 598 (varies according to size)

Get it at www.zanaproducts.co.za

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