With every passing year, technology changes our lives dramatically. We get faster internet speeds, virtual reality that’s … well … more real, and robots are more human than some humans. We take a look at evolving tech trends that will shape our lives in 2018.

1. 5G
5G is coming. It’s a type of wireless technology that will open up a world of possibilities for us all. From faster internet speeds, to more fun with gadgets that use virtual reality and augmented reality. 5G is also crucial in autonomous driving technology (yes, it’s out there already) – allowing the car to make life-saving decisions quicker than a human driver. How fast is 5G? A two-hour movie, which would normally takes 26 hours to download on 3G or six minutes on 4G – takes 3.6 seconds on 5G! (drops mic).

2. Artificial Intelligence
We’ve been having it but every day the machines and gadgets we use get smart, imitating our behaviour and habits. AI also plays a major part in autonomous driving. What’s next? Machines will learn how to talk to us in a way that is more natural. AI will also help us build trust and reduce bias with users. AI will be able to explain why machines make certain decisions in future. Now if they could tell us why humans behave the way they do?

3. Robotics
Behold Kuri – a robot that is described as a “family friend” that can “capture life’s moments automatically using face recognition”. Kuri understands her environment in real time, and seamlessly navigates the world around her. Carmaker Honda’s robots built on the pillars of empowerment, experience and empathy will be moving, speaking computers with feelings. We’ll be dating robots soon.

4. Facial recognition on the go
From the iPhone X face ID technology to your car being able to recognise your eyes and nose, our faces are the gateway to other worlds and technologies. People are beginning to trust this technology more, say experts. Face recognition can be used by smart vehicles to recognise its owners for unlocking doors, opening trunks, and more. Very handy if you’re prone to losing your keys.

5. Virtual Reality
VR is not exactly new, but in 2018 it is expected to make giant strides and may even be a big part of our lives before the year is up. Business and organisations will be using VR more to bring consumers closer to their brands and be fully immersed in their projects. VR could play an increasingly important role in the housing market by making it easier for potential buyers to view properties, by turning their room into a ‘showroom’ without them having to even leave the house, reducing the need to travel.

6. Smart Cities
Smart cities are where society and technology intersect. Imagine a self-driving pizza delivery vehicle. Well, it has happened. And while we wait for them to arrive in Cape Town, we can take comfort in the fact that the Mother City has aspirations of being a smart city too – we already have free wifi available in several areas. Smart Cities will improve public safety and services, help us connect better with each other and grow businesses. Being a smart city will also help us connect with other world-class cities and share learning and experiences.


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