There is a worldwide drive for waste-free and eco-friendly communities. In order to accomplish this mission, we all need to play our part. Instead of throwing your devices away, recycle them.  Here’s how…

Sell and trade
Everyone can do with a little bit of cash in their pocket, so why not sell your gadgets. You can sell them to your friends, family or just trade them at a secondhand store. Make use of online platforms. Gumtree and OLX are two examples. Cash Crusaders is also a great place to dispose of them for cash.

Donate your smartphone and gadgets
Be a good Samaritan and donate your phones, laptops, gaming consoles to someone who needs them more. Pass your old camera on to a photography student who can’t afford to buy one.

Sell the parts
Like you would with your car parts, you can also sell your gadget parts. The remote of a TV, your cellphone charger or battery can be sold separately without selling the actual device. There is always someone in need of these in the neighbourhood. Use online platforms like Facebook to reach out to interested buyers.

Give it back to the manufacturer
You can always return your devices to the manufacturers. In their bid to reduce waste, many manufacturers have started recycling programmes. Apple, Samsung and LG are a few companies who offer consumers a chance to send back their unwanted gadgets. Go to their local stores and find out how this can be done.

If you have an attachment to your gadget, simply repurpose it. There are several ways to reuse your devices. Just dig into your creative reservoir and find them. Your old phone can be a voice recorder, or your laptop can be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Be inventive.

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