There are thousands of Apps competing for your click, there is one for anything you need to achieve in your life. Also read: Top 10 APP’s for Capetonians. The next time you install an app on your phone ask yourself: What value does it add to my life? Then delete candy crush and load these very clever apps that you SHOULD make space for:


If you have roommates then this is the app for you. It does all the hard work for you by breaking down shared payments and balances, allowing you to keep up with your shared household needs.  It also gives you a gentle reminder that you need to pay up. With this app you always know who the leech is.

Whistle Phone Finder

We all have groped about in our packets, looking for a phone that isn’t there. Perhaps even turned everything upside down in the house, looking for that one device. The Whistle Phone Finder does the search for you. All you have to do is whistle and your phone emits a loud sound, vibration or bright light – even if your phone is on silent.


Not all of us can cook up gourmet meals but most of us want to. This app brings out the chef in you and guides you through the process with step-by-step instructions. It is user-friendly and very useful for both inexperienced and experienced cooks. You can even share recipes. Get your Jamie Oliver on!


In South Africa is now listing over 1000 spas, beauty, hair and nails salons, laser and aesthetic clinics, wellness centres, nail bars, hair salons and mobile services including freelance hair and makeup artists and spray tan technicians, with more places added every day!


Have you ever listened to a song and wrecked your brain about who the artist is? Wonder no more! You need Shazam in your life. Click on the app and place your device closest to the sound and it will immediately reflect the title and artist. This nifty app also allows you to download more music.



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