The Electronics and Gaming Expo (EGE) has been a long time coming. Cape Town is the development home of the South African gaming industry and the EGE will showcase the best of what the local industry has to offer.

If you had no idea about South Africa’s emerging gaming industry, the video below sums it up nicely.

EGE will kick off on Friday 29 May, and run until Sunday 31 May at the CTICC.

Friday will be a community day and will feature limited competitions. It will double up as a practice day and as an opportunity for gamers to meet and mingle, and for non-competitive gamers to rub shoulders with those who play regularly in the competitive space.

Saturday is the charm. This will be the main competitive day and there will be matches on the floor and stage. All games will be streamed live for gamers who are unable to attend. The matches confirmed for EGE on Saturday are:

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare on Xbox One – 4 vs 4 team tournament, group phase
Counter-Strike (CS:GO) on PC – 5 vs 5 team tournament, group phase
Mortal Kombat X on PS4 – 1 vs 1 tournament, complete

I can’t read the words ‘Mortal Kombat‘ without hearing character Scorpion’s famed ‘GET OVER HERE’ line in my head. This tournament should be fun to watch!

Also taking place on the day will be a cosplay competition. Not sure what that is? Basically it’s a great excuse to dress up as your favourite fictional hero, whether it be from a movie or game, like the Guild Wars 2 fan pictured below.


Finals and prize-giving will take place on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean the fun ends there. Exhibitors will be showcasing the latest gaming technology, audio and visual equipment, home entertainment systems and collectibles.

Tickets go for R150 for a full weekend pass and registration is open for gamers on the EGE website.

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