Tesla has developed a new feature for its cars that it will be making available next week called ‘Dog Mode’ that ensures the safety of their pups when their owners are not in the vehicle.

South African-born innovator and Tesla founder Elon Musk is sticking to his word after he agreed to fulfill the requests various Twitter users made in October 2018 for a function in the Tesla Model 3 catering to dogs.

Twitter user Josh Atchley suggested to Musk that the Dog Mode include music playing in the car, automated air conditioning and a display with a message reading “I’m fine, my owner will be right back”.

The request was made in part as a suggestion for how furry canine friends could be kept safe and happy while alone in their owners’ cars.

Without any hesitation Musk agreed to create the new feature for the vehicles and announced on social media that the latest model of the cars would be coming out this week and would be fitted with Dog Mode.

Reports share that in addition to this pooch-friendly feature, each Model 3 vehicle will also be equipped with Cabin Overheat Protection.

Released in 2016, the Cabin Overheat Protection feature ensures that the cabin temperature in a car does not exceed 40.5 degrees Celsius for 12 hours after you have left the vehicle.

This addition, along with Dog Mode air conditioning, will further help to keep pups cool during the summer season.

More details about Tesla’s Dog Mode are yet to be revealed. The Model 3 Tesla also includes a ‘Sentry mode’, which is a 360° surveillance system that helps to keep the car and items inside it safe from potential thieves or attackers.


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