The Department of Energy has released an Appliance Energy Calculator for consumers to make in-store comparisons of different appliance models – this will help consumers purchase the model which is the most energy efficient.

In a bold move to further decrease the energy usage in South Africa, the department has implemented a program to remove the highest energy consuming appliances from the market. This will leave space to introduce appliances that consume less energy and are more compliant with the new Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS).

The app details how much energy the appliance will expend over a one-year period, and a ten-year period. It also estimates CO2 emissions of the appliance using Eskom’s public grid emission factor.

It was launched on Friday by Minister of Energy Jeff Radebe at the Hirsch’s Homestore in Fourways, Johannesburg.

This forms part of the Standards and Labelling (S&L) program implemented by the Department, which places energy labels on appliances to provide consumers with accurate and comparable information on the energy efficiency.

South Africa’s access to electricity has doubled from 36% of the population in 1994 to over 86% in 2013. Electricity tariffs have increased steeply since 2008, and this program aims to protect all locals, especially low income households, from high energy consuming appliances.

Applications which display and make use of the South African Energy Efficiency Label include:

– Washer-Dryer Combinations

– Washing Machines

– Tumble Dryers

– Electric Ovens

– Fridge-Freezer Combinations

– Freezers

–  Electric Water Heaters (geysers)

– Fridges

– Dishwashers

– Air-Conditioners

– TV and audio-visual equipment, including decoders and set-top boxes

“Access to electricity for all South Africans remains a core objective of government and so is the efficient and effective use of this resource. Because we cannot always control how citizens choose to use their electricity, it was imperative for us to implement measures that ensure that appliances sold in South Africa are regulated and energy efficient. We equally introduced instruments that assist consumers to make the right choices when purchasing appliances,” Minister Radebe said.

The minister encourages consumers to download and use the Appliance Energy Calculator, currently available on Google Playstore and Apple iStore, when making an appliance purchase.


Picture: Pixabay

Article written by

Lucinda Dordley

Lucinda is a hard news writer who occasionally dabbles in lifestyle writing, and recent journalism graduate. She is a proud intersectional feminist, and is passionate about actively creating a world which is free of discrimination and inequality.