Uber has added a new tipping function to its app. This will allow riders to show appreciation to their drivers, as well as the delivery men and women of UberEATS.

Over the past year, Uber has introduced a number of new features to its application to simplify and improve the experience of both riders and drivers. Some of these changes include an in-app chat and call function, paid for wait time, ratings protection and notifications of long trips.

Earlier this month, Uber also announced the implementation of a new safety feature, the Uber callback line. This allows riders to contact Uber’s Global Response Team (GRT) in case of emergencies. Within minutes, assistance will arrive to assist the rider.

All money paid via the tipping function will go directly to the driver, with Uber receiving no service fees.

At the end of each tip, Uber and UberEATS users will be given the option of various values of tipping to choose from. An option will also be available for the user to create their own customisable amount for their driver or courier.

The tipping feature is also an opt-in option. This means that the option may be available on some trips and deliveries, but not on others, as this depends on whether the driver or courier has opted to accept tips.


What the tipping process looks like (Source: Uber)

The tipping function is also available with the latest version of the Uber app.

Picture: Pixabay

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