Earlier this week, a pod of 3 000 dolphins was sighted off the coast of Algoa Bay in the Eastern Cape.

The sighting was made by Raggy Charters, a marine-eco cruise service for tourists and also assists in penguin research.

The dolphins frolicked, jumped and swam around in the water, creating a rare spectacle. They are bait fish and Raggy Charters says that they would eventually end up in Algoa Bay for their sardine run.

The massive pod of long-beaked common dolphins swam between the Rij Banks and Cape Recife, and were reported to be swimming in a hurry. Occasionally, pods of dolphins join together to form a school. This was documented in February 2013, when a whopping 100 ooo dolphins came together to form a super pod.

All pictures courtesy of Raggy Charters

Picture: raggycharters


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