Cape Town is a gorgeous city. With its breathtaking landscape of green, lush mountains and the deep blue seas, Cape Town does not only represent the beauty of Mother Nature, but also the culture of Africa.

In Cape Town, you can enjoy an authentic African experience. Indulge in good African cuisine, listen and dance to African music and learn African dances that will never leave you. All this can be done at various, famous spots that will make you feel the heartbeat of Africa.

I have come up with 5 places for you to visit in order to have the ultimate African experience in Cape Town…

Mama Africa

They say if you haven’t been to Mama Africa, you haven’t been to Cape Town. Mama Africa serves genuine African cuisine, not only from South Africa, but also from other African countries such as Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. They promise to make your experience extraordinary through unique African music and original African art. Art, food and music! Mama Africa sure knows how to keep her guests entertained.

Where 178 Long St, CBD
Contact +27 21 426 1017, [email protected]

Africa Café

Being South Africa’s first African restaurant, Africa Café is definitely a place to go see. Their intention was to introduce cuisine that would honour Africa’s diversity, and the entertainment benefits of this adventure lies in the charm of not only their food, but their decor and warmth as well. The Africa Café was built to represent the idea of freedom and democracy, and they have have managed to maintain an exceptional reputation.


Where 108 Shortmarket StreetCBD
Contact +27 21 422 0221, [email protected]

Kopanong Bed and Breakfast

You can go to any place for an African experience, but if you do not visit the townships (eKasi) and experience the African lifestyle firsthand, you are not doing it right. Kopanong Bed and Breakfast is situated in South Africa’s largest township, Khayelitsha, and its name is derived from the Sesotho language, meaning ‘meeting place’. Kopanong promotes cross-cultural understanding and offers tours around the neighbourhood, showing how people in the townships live, eat and have fun, while also showing tourists local schools, churches and worthy sites.kopanong

Where C329 Velani Crescent, Khayelitsha
Contact +27 21 361 2084, [email protected]

Pan African Market

Memories and pictures are nice, but taking something tangible from the places you visit is glorious! The Pan African Market is a flea market that represents not only South Africa, but other countries from around the continent too. They have more than 30 stalls and stores with artefacts from at least 14 countries in East, West and Southern Africa. These art pieces enhance your admiration and knowledge of the cultures of South Africa, and Africa as a whole. Greenmarket Square is another place to get those beautiful African artefacts.

Where 76 Long St, CBD and Corner Shortmarket/Longmarket Streets and Burg Street, CBD
Contact +27 21 426 4478

Africa Nova

Africa Nova is the ideal destination for remarkable and distinctive pieces for interior designers, international tourists and collectors. They have amazing art pieces for your house, office or any other space that is in serious need of an ‘African touch’.


Where 72 Waterkant Street, Green Point
Contact +27 21 425 5123, [email protected]

There are a lot more African stores and places in Cape Town waiting to be explored, these are only a few of them. And remember, even if you are from Cape Town, you are always encouraged to take an African adventure.

Photography courtesy Africa Café, Africa Nova

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