When you think about taking a short break and getting away for a bit, the last place you think about going to is a caravan park.

Maybe it’s because I have been conditioned by movies and televisions shows, but caravans just seem like so much admin to stay in. It’s the opposite of what I want when wanting to escape the madness of the city. Then I heard about the insanely cool caravans at Old Mac Daddy.old-mac-daddy-1-
When I say cool, I mean it.

Firstly, the caravans are luxury vintage Airstream suites that can compete with any hotel room in the world. Secondly, each caravan is designed by an artist, designer or creative living and working in Cape Town.

They are they incredible! Each trailer makes you feel like you are stepping into a wonderful, quirky alternate universe. Everything from the décor to the furniture goes with the theme to create a unique experience.
Step into a painting in The Dream, where everything is inspired by Henri Rousseau’s painting of the same name, or go back in time in Life Before Colour, where it feels as if you have walked into a classic film.

These are just two of the ten caravans you can choose from. They are attached to stunning built-on living units that add and an extra touch of luxury and convenience to your stay.  There are also two free-standing caravans that are right by the dam as well as a farmhouse called Daddy’s Villa that has three rooms for larger groups. 
If this sounds familiar, that’s because awesome themed caravans can be found on the roof of the Grand Daddy in Long Street. Old Mac Daddy belongs to the same group and offers you a chance to get out of Cape Town whilst still enjoying the unique accommodation. Located on the slopes of the Elgin Valley, you are treated to exquisite views, a dam to swim in and a stunning restaurant and bar. There are also hiking trails for you to go explore, and a playground for the kids.old mac daddy
It’s a great place for a romantic getaway or family holiday. Check out the themes of the caravans, choose the one you like the most and go have a nice, relaxing mini break – because we all need a breather after the hectic holidays!

Where 112 Valley Road, Grabouw
Cost R995 –  R2,995 depending on day
Contact +27 21 844 0241, [email protected], www.oldmacdaddy.co.za 

Photography courtesy Old Mac Daddy

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