Matjiesfontein is a special place literally ‘in the middle of nowhere’. The tiny Karoo village is steeped in history and character from yesteryear, with enough local ghost stories to entice any curious traveller.

Once a British army stronghold housing 10 000 troops at the time of the Anglo-Boer war, Matjiesfontein is about a two-and-a-half drive up the N1 from Cape Town. Blink and you might just miss the small town.

Venture through the Hex River Valley until you find yourself in the shrubby, brown landscape of the Karoo – Matiesfontein is not far from here. An overnight stay, or even a casual visit, is a must for Capetonians.

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Be sure to hop on the bus and take a detail-filled 10-minute tour through Matjiesfontein with Johnny, the local guide.

The three star-rated Lord Milner Hotel sits in the heart of the town. Originally a hospital dating back to the late 1800s, this Victorian-style accommodation perfectly captures the essence of an era long-gone, with its old-world feel and historical ambience. Over the years various renovations have taken place in the Lord Milner, but these have been to upgrade rooms while restoring their charm.

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The watering hole where many a tune has been played on a resident vintage piano.

If you’re lucky enough you might stumble into Katie – a ghost rumoured to be haunting the hotel. Not much is known about her except for that fact that she was a nurse who worked at the hospital.

The photo below was reportedly taken in 2014 and shows popular, locally-born character, guide and entertainer Johnny with two guests – make that three if you count the ‘ghost’ of Katie standing in the background against the wall.

Matjiesfontein ghost
That girl knows something.

Say what you will, there is something quite intriguing, perhaps mildly terrifying, about an encounter with a ghost. Many a Capetonian who has spent a night at the Lord Milner Hotel will probably have a story or two to tell. Aside from making a wickedly interesting story to tell friends, it’s this curiosity which drives visitors from all over to this town from another era.

From tours through the Victorian and Transport museums to veld walks in the nearby Boer War British Army remount encampment site, there is a little something for everybody here. Foodies will also appreciate the fact that there are three separate eateries on offer.

Head on over to the Matjiesfontein website and start planning your trip!

While checking out one of the rooms at the hotel, we were pretty certain that an imprint appeared on this bedsheet. Or not, but that's the fun.
While checking out one of the rooms at the hotel, we were pretty certain that an imprint appeared on this bedsheet. We’re not saying it was a ghost, but it was totally a ghost.
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The old chapel at the hotel.
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Bench in the courtyard.

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