If you have ever imagined taking the big leap to live abroad in a foreign country, the HSBC has released their annual Expat Explorer Survey naming the top countries for expats to move to.

The HSBC’s annual Expat Explorer Survey is based on three areas of importance, experience, economics and family. The report has taken an array of factors that make a country suitable for expat living into consideration. Each factor addressed focuses on quality of life, economic well-being, childcare quality, job security, safety, general healthcare and more.

Countries around the globe were put to the test and allocated a position on the list of countries best suited for immigrants.

Singapore was dubbed the number one country to live in for expats, as it provides a high quality of life in all sectors ensuring its citizens live a healthy and balanced life.

South Africa was ranked 30th in best overall countries for foreigners to live in.

Here are the top 10 countries to move to: 

1. Singapore

Located in Asia, this country offers the perfect balance between island and city life.

2. New Zealand 

A small island situated in the Southernwest Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is known for its level of safety and low crime incidents. The rolling green hills and rivers, provide the perfect backdrop for exploration.


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3. Germany 

The European country offers citizens a stable economic system where there is a surplus of job opportunities.


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4. Canada 

Known for having some of the most friendly locals, Canada offers a good sense of community and comradery.


5. Bahrain 

Bahrain is situated in the Persian Gulf and the locals are renowned for their warm and hospitable nature.


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An island known for its surplus of natural beauty and high quality of life.


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7. Sweden 

Sweden is known for its use of renewable energy and implementation of recycling projects to ensure the country is 100% green-friendly.


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8. Switzerland 

Besides being known as the ‘land of chocolate’, Switzerland offers a high quality of school systems for children and developed government health services.


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9. Taiwan 

The rich culture and good quality of life is accompanied by a thriving economy, which allows locals to save money.


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10. United Arab Emirates 

The United Arab Emirates offers a safe environment with enhanced security measures for citizens. The country also offers opportunities for wage growth for employees.


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