Warm turquoise waters, endless summer days and exploring a different culture are enough reasons to want to visit Thailand. The South Asian picturesque holiday spot has become popular among South Africans, specifically Capetonians. We often see friends posting pictures of the Thailand’s white sandy beaches, clear waters, food markets, tuk-tuks and the very chaotic and popular Bangla Road in Phuket.

Travelers are often asked why they don’t explore their own country. While 6 days in Sun City can cost you approximately R10 000, traveling to Thailand will cost you about the same amount for 7 nights and 8 days. South African holidaymakers to Thailand have increased 17,8% in 2017. From almost 80 000 the previous year, numbers have increased to 93 000.

Here are a few reasons why locals love this sensory overland:

It is a visa free country – No need to fill out tedious forms and wait for a visa that may or may not be rejected. Your passport will do.

The low currency rate – R1 = 2,63 Thai Baht. Enough said (R15 can get you a portion of fried rice with Chinese sausage).

Bargain at the markets – You have options to shop or relax, or shop and relax. Thailand offers a shopping paradise at reasonable prices.

Beautiful Beaches – It is mostly known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And the water is invitingly warm.

Temples  Explore, explore, explore! Thailand has about 40 000 Bhuddist temples, with many of them open to visitors.

Islands – The islands offer numerous opportunities for recreation, spiritual healing, exploration and can induce severe relaxation.

Parties – This exotic country is ‘Party Central’ and plays host to world-famous beach parties.  This is a huge attraction for tourists from South Africa and around the world. The Full Moon Party specifically, is the most popular to attend.

Shows – Thailand has some spectacular shows, and NO, we are not talking about ‘that’ show that leaves you flabbergasted and in shock. More specifically, The Fantasia Show in Phuket is inspired by country’s rich and exotic heritage in the most beautiful setting of a palace.

Food – Thai cuisine is a favourite in Cape Town, what about going directly to the source or sauce? The secret to Thai food is a balance of five flavours: sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy and the best is served in the country itself.

The friendly nation – Thai’s are known for being overly hospitable. They welcome guests with open arms and go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable during your stay.

While Thailand is both affordable and attractive, it makes sense why so many South African’s flock to this culturally rich country.

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