On Thursday, the City of Cape Town (CoCT) provided an update on Day Zero water projections, as well as the water augmentation schemes.

CoCT officials unpacked details on the decline in urban water consumption that occurred in the last few weeks.

Three desalination plants will start pumping out clean water later this month, as well as early April. Several aquifers will also be ready as soon –  The Cape Flats and the Table Mountain Group Aquifer, will be able to provide water in June – and can provide up to 60-million litres per day.

Status of desalination plants that are still to become active to provide water (courtesy of the City of Cape Town)

According to the Deputy Mayor of Cape Town Ian Neilson, the level 6B water restrictions are working well as water supplies are not being as rapidly depleted as before.

Nielson  said that things are not “looking great”, as the City is unsure as to when the winter rains will fall, or how much rain will be received. In the meantime, the City will continue to make provision for Day Zero.

Day Zero is still estimated for the July 9, which is just over four months away.

JP Smith, City Councillor for the City of Cape Town, has also stated that 235 water collection points across the City of Cape Town’s municipalities have been identified in case of Day Zero. However, the list of locations will not be released now due to safety concerns.

As of  March 1, Cape Town’s dam level is at 23.8% full, with a 0.4% decrease since the last reading.

Picture: Pixabay

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