As we grapple to come to terms with the water crisis Cape Town is facing, we all need to do more to save this precious resource in our homes and at our workplaces. No more excuses about it costing too much. In actual fact it will cost far less if you save water – your utility bill is proof. In an effort to help you start being more water conscious, we found these reasonably priced items you could install or use to make a difference. Please share this information with family and friends in Cape Town, collectively we can make a difference.

1. Save-A-Flush
Save-A-Flush is an award winning product which is so easy to use. It comes in a simple envelope, filled with super absorbent polymers. Place it at the bottom of the toilet cistern and it absorbs water, reducing the capacity of the cistern. The best part is that it lasts indefinitely, in a high flush area they recommend changing it annually. This is a great alternative to bricks or filled water bottles which disintegrate in the cistern and cause damage which will end up costing you a fortune. 

Cost: R160

Save A Flush


2. Water saving aerator
The Hi Hippo One Touch Tap once installed will reduce the water flow of your existing taps to a low 3 litres per minute. In our economy this is a great money-saving device. The Hi Hippo saves up to 90% of basin water usage, and can be fitted easily. This award winning, high quality product, requires almost no maintenance, has been tested up to 200 000 cycles and can save up to 90% basin water usage.

Cost: R240

Hi Hippo One Touch Tap


3. Albex Noflush Water Neutraliser
This is a 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable toilet water neutraliser made from multi-stain bacillus spores, a blend of 6 specific enzymes and plant-based surfactants. Every time you urinate, spray the bowl with Albex Noflush and the smell is neutralised immediately. Keep a note with instructions next to the spray so the person after you follows suit. Flush it down only when it’s not yellow and can’t mellow. The product is said to save 860 flushes.

Cost: R59,99
Available: Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, Spar and Makro



4. Loo-Me Toilet Foam
Loo-Me, a toilet foam developed in Cape Town with water-saving in mind, works in a simple manner by adding a film of foam over the surface of the water in the toilet bowl. The layer of foam masks the smell under the foam – and reduces the sight of whatever is in the bowl already. This simple trick of hiding a toilet’s contents will save water based on the principle of “out of sight, out of smell, out of mind”. Two Loo-Me scents are available, Mountain Fresh and Ocean Energy. You can find it at Shoprite and Checkers outlets in the Western Cape for R34.99.

Cost: R34,99
Available: Checkers and Shoprite


5. H2Flo – Water Saving Rose
H2Flo is an ideal and cheap way to save water when you shower. It is easy to install, just screw off the existing shower head and screw on the new one. The water flow is much lighter and therefore saves a lot of water when showering. You should still keep your showering to a maximum of one and a half to two minutes.

Cost: R145

H2Flo Water Saving Rose


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