Cape town’s dam average has now increased to 76% after the reaching the three-quater full mark last Friday. Five of the main six water resource dams are now at over 90% full, and the previously depleted Theewaterskloof dam now has a capacity of 58%.

This is a 2% increase from the levels it measured at last week.

When the Theewaterskloof dam was at its dryest of 10% during the height of the drought crisis, many locals feared that Cape Town would be the first major metropolis in the world to be completely without water.

Dams are now at 76% full (Source: City of Cape Town)

Although the Cape Town’s average daily water consumption target is 450 million litres per day, it is now at 520 million litres consumption per day.

Dam levels of Cape Town’s major dam resources (Source: City of Cape Town)

Berg River is at above the three-figure mark, and is maintaining its journey to reaching full capacity. The Voelvlei and Steenbras Lower have achieved their sharpest increases since dams the beginning of the rainy season.

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