Dam levels have dropped further to 22.7%, from last week’s 23.6% this week, with no rainfall forecast soon for the drought-stricken Western Cape.

The City is still under Level 6B water restrictions, where people are restricted to 50 litres per person per day. Yesterday it was announced that severe damage and theft of equipment at three aquifer sites, meant to help ease the water crisis, will not be ready at the end of March.

The aquifers in the Cape Flats, Table Mountain and Atlantis, which were expected to start pumping 60-million litres per day when functional, might not anymore.

Two weeks ago Day Zero, the day the taps would be turned off, was pushed back indefinitely because of water saving by residents. The City was prepared with contingency plans in the form of aquifers and later on desalination plants.

With dam levels nearing the dreaded 10%, it is unsure what plans will be put in place to help the city avoid Day Zero.


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