The City of Cape Town amended several water by-laws in May, and requested that residents take the time to familiarise themselves with these laws. These changes were made to improve clarity for a more water-scarce future.

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This stricter control of the water supply will affect toilet cisterns, new developments and even the flow of your shower head. The City has also taken steps to ensure that new properties install water conservation systems – these systems must be approved before development of the property may go ahead.

Level 6 water restrictions are still firmly in place, and the new water by-laws will not affect this.

A recent article by Green Building SA indicated that many other municipalities across the country would like to follow in the City’s foot steps, but it would also be the responsibility of home owners and installers to make sure that their taps and shower heads are compliant with the new regulations.

The City have said that property owners are not required to comply with this by-law altering a water installation or part thereof if it was installed in conformity with the previous water by-laws. Only toilet cisterns and shower heads that are replaced due to age or malfunction must conform with the revised standards.

Plumbers who do not adhere to the by-laws will see their license being rebuked, and property owners who use water excessively will be fined.

Selecting a good quality bathroom or kitchen product is key in ensuring an eco-friendly system that works efficiently.

“If you’ve ever had a shower with weak water pressure, you’ll have discovered that eco-friendly doesn’t always mean a great experience,” said David Cooper, manager-director Hansgrohe South Africa.

“Products that simply aerate the water, conserve water while creating the illusion of a higher flow of water. However, if the water pressure is low, the system does not work effectively, compromising on the quality and functionality.”

“There is no need to downgrade efficacy for the sake of efficiency. Sustainability and functionality are not mutually exclusive,” he said.

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Water saving is a great goal for the company, and makes use of eco-friendly technology to save water. They have created a precision O-ring which reacts flexibly to water pressure and adjusts water quantity.

“If the pressure is high, the ring makes the opening smaller,” Cooper added “If it is low, it expands the opening.”

Everyone needs to start making relevant changes, and the water by-laws is going to ensure that these steps are followed seriously.

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