Controversial church leader Paseka Motsoeneng, also known as Pastor Mboro, claims it is because of him and his prayer that Cape Town will be experiencing rain on Friday.

According to TimesLIVE, Mboro was in Cape Town on Wednesday undertaking 90 days of prayer.

He told the publication that the Western Cape is experiencing drought due to people focusing on science and not God. Mboro added that the upcoming rain expected tonight is because he is a “true prophet” of God.

“It’s a confirmation that I am a true prophet and whatever that I have promised Cape Town has come to pass. God answered my prayers and many people witnessed that,” Mboro said.

He continued: “When I got to Cape Town it was blazing hot with no sign of the rain. I started praying and clouds gathered. It was very cloudy then it began to drizzle.”

“I thought I would find people standing at the corners of the streets and around the sea praying. But people were minding their own business. My crew and myself were praying and that is why the rain has come.” Mboro says he is baffled that no one requested an interview with him after what he did.

“They said I’m bringing rain to Cape Town sarcastically, but after the rain no one called me for an interview. I should have been on television but no one bothered because no one saw it coming.”

South African author and evangelist Angus Buchan also criticised the Western Cape during this week saying that “God is not happy with Cape Town”.

“It will rain when the people repent. Which people? The people of Cape Town and the Western Province,” Buchan said.


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