How can you save water in the simplest of ways without having to put in too much effort?

With the water restrictions sitting at Level 6B, Capetonians are forced to come up with ways to use water sparingly, or risk Day Zero arriving sooner than later.

In a video posted on YouTube, a user shows us an effortless (and nifty) trick in the art of water saving… a bottle tap.

The inexpensive trick only requires a water bottle (with a flap lid) and a screw which one would need to twist at the bottom end of the bottle to form a tiny hole.

Cover the hole with your finger as you fill up the bottle. Grab the lid, close tightly, remove your finger and fear not as the water will not, by any means, ooze out.

Flip up the lid and the bottle is now a fully fledged tap complete with water – it’s that simple.

Picture: YouTube

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