The City of Cape Town is trying to avoid mayhem when the taps run dry by recruiting volunteers. They have asked neighbourhood watch groups, to manage and assist at the 200 water collection points.

Volunteer duties will include dispensing water at the collection points, managing of queues, sanitising water dispensing pipes and assisting officials with the smooth running of logistical arrangements on site.

Mayco member JP Smith said at a meeting on Saturday, ”This will be a mammoth undertaking and we’ll need as many hands as possible to ensure that it’s done in a manner that’s well coordinated, with everybody knowing what’s expected of them.”

Smith also added community organisations will be assisting with education and awareness drives and will also be tasked with identifying vulnerable communities and providing assistance.

Anthony Rees, Chairperson of Gardens Neighbourhood watch, who was at the meeting said about 600 people attended.

He added, “It was stated that law enforcement will accompany electronic water meter installers to homes where owners refuse to have them installed. It was also said they are going to get really tough on people obstructing them. They are installing +- 2000 units a week.”

A major concern is whether neighbourhood watches will have to focus on managing water points or securing their neighbourhoods from opportunistic criminals as law enforcement officials and SAPS will be preoccupied at the water collection points.

While communities are unhappy about The City’s plans or lack of information, other organisations have taken to Twitter on how they are doing their part to save water and educating others.


Let’s do our part and continue to push #DayZero further away, by saving water.

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