Western Cape dam levels have dropped a further percentage from last week and is now sitting at 32% full, according to the City of Cape Town.

The dam levels were posted today and show a decrease of one percent from last week’s 33% full.

South African Tourism last week urged locals and holidaymakers to use water sparingly this festive season. The City of Cape Town also announced last week that our water woes have deepened and brought day zero closer than expected, the estimated date is now March.

Residents, businesses and tourists have been urged to save and recycle water by doing the following:

  •       Take two-minute showers instead of water-heavy baths;
  •       Collect shower and basin water and use it to flush toilets, wash cars and water the garden;
  •       Flush toilets only when necessary;
  •       Do not run the tap while shaving, brushing teeth or washing hands;
  •       Wait until you have a full load before running your washing machine;
  •       Fix any water leaks (including dripping taps) on your property.


Picture: City of Cape Town

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