Two Cape Town School of Rock students have been chosen to be part of School of Rock’s AllStar Programme and join the best musicians from within School of Rock’s International network of schools.

The AllStar Programme is the highest level of achievement for a School of Rock student, with less than 1% of its 35 000 global students/musicians selected to participate in the programme.

The Cape Town 2019 AllStars from the Claremont School of Rock are guitarist Shandy Sarantos (17) and vocalist Rosie Bruce (17), both of whom will embark on separate tours, with their selected bandmates from different destinations within the States. All 175 selected AllStars will end their 10-day tour with a final performance at a big music event.

“This is an authentic tour experience, with travel and tour buses, performing at authentic rock venues and culminating in a performance at a big music event,” said Leigh Spaun, School of Rock Cape Town marketing director and co-owner. “This opportunity puts these young musicians in front of public audiences, in a real-life gigging scenario and in places they have not yet experienced. The fact that these young musicians are selected to be part of a touring band, are given their songs to learn on their own and then come together for two days prior to their tour and rehearse together as a band for the first time, is a learning experience on its own.

“Both Shandy and Rosie have a desire to continue performing for people and this experience will teach them valuable skills in how to communicate effectively with other bandmates and people, how to perform together as a cohesive band and the pressure of performing in front of varying crowds within different environments.”

For more than two decades, School of Rock has been a worldwide leader in performance-based music education, bringing musicians of all ages to some of the most iconic stages in the world. The Cape Town branch of the School of Rock music school brand has been taking students out of the lesson room and onto the stage for the past four years.

The AllStar Programme is open to students aged 12 to 18 and is the highest level of achievement for a School of Rock student. Candidates are nominated each year by their local schools to participate in a competitive audition process, including a video submission round and a live audition round, from which the AllStars are then selected.

Sarantos joined the School of Rock in August 2015, just three months after the school opened its doors. “Shandy has shown natural musical ability since day one. She came to us as a killer funk rhythm guitarist and has developed into a player with an array of skills. Her lead playing has blossomed with greater technical proficiency and a deeper understanding of music.”

Bruce has been at School of Rock for just over a year. “Rosie is a positive role model, committed to her art form and a dynamic performer. She brings a relaxed positive energy with her to all her classes, being quirky, kind and an encouraging presence in her performance band.”

Local music lovers may have experienced Bruce’s “strong ear, amazing tone and agility for days” as she is active on the Cape Town music scene and regularly performs shows with her folk band, The Rosie Bruce Band. “This old soul is a leader on and off the stage and is one of our students that truly epitomises what School of Rock is all about,” Spaun said.

Both students will perform in the School of Rock Claremont’s Twenty One Pilots vs Imagine Dragons Season Show at the Barnyard Theatre on Saturday June 8 2019. Tickets are available to purchase at School of Rock Claremont.

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