Everyone wants in on the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan’s highly-anticipated interview with their close friend Oprah Winfrey, which will be broadcasted live on Sunday, March 7. 

Since television network CBS announced they will be airing the interview in America, UK broadcasting companies have been reaching deep into their pockets to ensure that they also get broadcasting rights.

According to the Daily Mail UK, ITV has secured the deal by offering to pay £1million (R20 927 090). The runner-up channel was Sky. However, not everyone is happy with the decision.

ITV has been labelled as “deplorable” and advised not to broadcast the interview, with some saying it could be seen as insensitive should Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip’s condition worsen. 

British public commentator Richard Fitzwillams said: “ITV’s decision to purchase the rights to Harry and Meghan’s highly sensational interview with Oprah is deplorable. Who knows how matters linked to the Duke’s health will play out over the coming days. ITV have made the wrong decision and they would do well to await events before deciding when to screen it here.’”

Prince Philip was admitted to hospital on Tuesday, February 16 after falling ill. The nature of his illness is not known, but it is confirmed not to be COVID-19-related. He is also expected to remain in hospital until next week for rest and observation.

Harry and Meghan’s interview was originally planned to be 90 minutes, however it stretched to two hours as the pair open up for the first time since leaving the royal family. CBS could earn around £144,00 for airing this interview alongside ITV. 

Prince Charles’ biographer Tom Bower thinks it will benefit the UK, saying “we want to see how Harry and Meghan have sold their souls and are wilfully destroying themselves”. 

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Royal fans concerned as Prince Philip’s hospital stay extends

By Zahira Benjamin

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