While some of us dream of rolling around in chocolate, drivers in western Poland were not happy when they were caught in the sticky mess on Wednesday. A tanker carrying liquid chocolate overturned on a highway, spilling all its contents onto the road, causing the closure of all four lanes.

The highway connecting the city of Poznan to Warsaw was covered in 12 tonnes of chocolate goo. Road-users were less than impressed with the spill and authorities spent hours just trying to move the truck from the road, to get started on the clean-up operation.

The slippery surface of solid chocolate on the road is a worse hazard than snow, a spokesman for the fire brigade said.

Footage on social media showed bulldozers pushing the sludge away. The 60-old-driver was treated for minor injuries and the highway affected rarely saw any accidents, so the chocolate spill was definitely the first!

Picture: Twitter

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Nidha Narrandes

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