The world is becoming more worried about the state of Britain’s Prince Philip (99) after his son, Prince Charles, paid him a visit in hospital on Saturday, February 21. Prince Philip was admitted to hospital on Tuesday, February 16 after falling ill.

The nature of his illness is not known, but it is confirmed not to be COVID-19-related. He is also expected to remain in hospital until next week for rest and observation.

Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband, is due to turn 100 years old in June, and was able to walk into the hospital unassisted upon his initial entry. He arrived by private transportation and not an ambulance.

His son Prince Charles was the first person to visit him in hospital, but a young fan also brought a “get well soon” card.

“When I was little I used to have chemotherapy for five years and I felt sad for Philip, so I wrote this letter so he can feel better,” 10-year-old Londoner Twanna Saleh told reporters. “My sister helped me to draw the heart and the flower.”

Both Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth were the first in Britain to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in January.

He was admitted to hospital the day after Buckingham Palace confirmed that his grandson Prince Harry and wife Meghan permanently quit working as royals.

Queen Elizabeth ordered that the pair relinquish their honorary titles and patronages, as they now lead a “normal” life in California.

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