Two hotels in Switzerland have hired “Instagram-sitters” – online influencers who manage guests’ social media pages so they can take a break from posting photos and stories.

Ibis hotels launched its Instagram-sitters service in its Geneva and Zurich branches this month.

The “Instagram-sitter” service caters to guests who want to ensure their social media presence is maintained during the vacation and is handled by experts.

Whether you are working your way towards become an influencer or just want to keep your profile up to date, the service caters to all social media users.

The service, “Relax, we post,” allows guests to disconnect from their cellphones and  focus on unwinding, knowing that their social media accounts are in good hands.

“You can enjoy your stay in town without your smartphone in front of your eyes,” the Instagram-sitter booking site states.

Ibis Hotels/’Relax we post’

The service is currently in a month-long trial phase. It comes as an option with the booking of the ibis hotel rooms in Switzerland and is valid until December 2, which can be done on

Several well-known European social media influencers have been hired to maintain guests’ Instagram accounts, posting the best pictures and videos from their trip.

The influencers include lifestyle blogger Daniela Correria, Germany’s top model candidate Sara Leutenegger, Geneva-based lifestyle blogger Cristina Gheiceanu, and several others.

The advertorial video for “Relax, we post” humourously depicts the stress of posting on social media during a vacation.

In it, a couple sharing photos to Instagram while on a lake boat-trip gets bombarded by real-life commenters popping out of the water and ‘reacting’ to their post.

An Instagram-sitter then appears and saves the day, taking control of the couple’s social media and removing the problem.


Picture: Ibis Hotel/Relax we post

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