People are taking photos of themselves with live cockroaches on their face, with some even posting selfies showing them eating the insect – all in the name of a new internet craze called the ‘Cockroach Challenge’.

According to reports, Alex Aung, a social media user from Myanmar, started the Fear Factor-esque challenge, posting an image to Facebook almost a month ago of himself with a cockroach perched on his face. After sharing the picture on social media, he asked his followers if they could do the same.

With internet challenges popping up every single day, the Cockroach Challenge may be the most off-putting one yet. However, some who have shared their roach selfies have described the challenge as ‘easy’.

Although these insects may creep many of us out, plenty of people have taken up the challenge, some have pushing it to the next level of eating cockroaches.

Other users decided to add their own flair to the challenge, using reptiles instead.

We are not sure where these individuals have found or collected the cockroaches that are used in their images, but we aren’t sure we could do this challenge.


Picture: Pixabay

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