South Africans everywhere are tickled pink by a recent video shared by a couple of rugby fans. In the video filmed near the North Pole, a friendly beluga whale can be seen playing fetch with a South African rugby ball.

In a matter of hours, the video received over 3 000 shares, with more than 300 comments and almost 50 000 views.

In his post, Alon Kowen explains that the whale was “celebrating the Springboks victory” and that the video was filmed somewhere near the North Pole on the Gemini Craft, a boat built in the Mother City.

In the video, you can even hear the South African accents as the team watches in awe while the whale happily participates in a game of fetch.

He can be seen approaching the boat repeatedly waiting eagerly for the ball to be thrown once more.

We have to say its a sight to see:

Picture: Facebook/Alon Kowen

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