As the donning of face masks is becoming mandatory when visiting stores in parts of the UK and US, many have become disgruntled by the notion while others are using it to their advantage.

Since wearing face masks to stores has become commonplace, teenagers in the US have started disguising themselves as elderly members of the community while wearing a mask to score alcohol.

Posting videos to TikTok, the teens are showing how the addition of a face mask, a little aging makeup and fake IDs are making it possible to fool retailers into selling them alcohol.

The mask assists in hiding their faces and makes it easier to exploit shopkeepers who don’t see the clever trick coming.

In many cases, teens have taken their disguises to the extreme by wearing wigs, scarfs, glasses and other accessories to further hid their identities.

Videos of teens successfully fooling retailers and walking away with their booze in-hand have amassed millions of views on TikTok.

In South Africa booze has been prohibited once again, with many wishing we could simply don convincing outfits to get our hands on a bottle or two. While we can’t cheers to that, we can at least find the humour in the resourcefulness of youths around the world.

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