Moisturising is an important part of our skincare routine. We often skip it (I’m guilty of this too) and don’t think about how moisture or a lack thereof will affect our skin in the future. Wass skincare has a range of products to help our skin when it needs some TLC, especially during winter.

This Cape Town-based skincare company prides itself on making natural products. This means that they don’t contain any preservatives and are 100% vegan friendly!

Wass makes their skincare products according to the season, so none of their products are mass-produced.

The Wass winter body balm and treatment oil: hydrate and repair range gives your skin all the hydration it needs.

Give your skin some love this winter with Wass.

Cost R680 (includes Wass body balm and treatment oil)

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Mishkah Abrahams

Mishkah Abrahams is a wandering wordsmith, journalist and Cape Town fashion blogger. She finds comfort in leather jackets, Harry Potter quotes and fiction novels. Fresh out of university, she looks forward to being a tourist in her own city.