I walked outside to find that my dog tore my prized bra to pieces. We all know how expensive basic underwear can get. Well, this was a La Senza bra and it felt as if my world was shattered. I’m sure many of you gasp at the sight of ghastly underwear.

Lingerie should be functional and cute and that’s where Just Say Maybe comes in – a proudly South African lingerie brand. Their intimates are designed and handmade in Cape Town. Just Say Maybe sources their lace and material locally. Each item is made to make sure the wearer can be comfortable and still rock the lingerie with confidence.

just say maybe

Shop the most comfortable and sexy lingerie, from camisoles to lace underwear and learn to love your intimates.

Cost R195 – R260

Get it at www.justsaymaybe.co.za

Article written by

Mishkah Abrahams

Mishkah Abrahams is a wandering wordsmith, journalist and Cape Town fashion blogger. She finds comfort in leather jackets, Harry Potter quotes and fiction novels. Fresh out of university, she looks forward to being a tourist in her own city.