The koeksister, to those who don’t know are twisted, sweet confectionery, loved by many South Africans with a soothing cup of tea or coffee. We Capetonians insist on being different, so our take on the traditional Afrikaans-styled doughnut is a darker,¬†thicker and spicier indulgence.

Handcrafted for generations by the Cape Malay community, the koeksister (affectionately dubbed koesister) remains a local Sunday morning tradition till this very day. While times may change, and technology continues to place everything at your fingertips, the good ol’ koesister refuses to be left behind.

Welcome Dial-A-Koesister. Conceptualised by Abdurageem Randall, his cousin Juwayda Daniels and sister-in-law Faieka Salie; Dial-A-Koesister is a fairly easy koeksister delivery service.

Just like any delivery service, place your order via Whatsapp before 9pm on Saturday and expect warm, aromatic and fresh gratification at your doorstep on a Sunday morning.

Abdurageem explained to us how the creation of the family business, which has been operational since November last year, came about.

“We were sitting one Saturday evening arguing over who was going to get the koesisters the following morning,” the koesister business owner said. “So we thought: ‘can’t someone deliver it to us?'”

The trio instantly pounced on the gap in the market and seized the opportunity to fulfill it – and with that, Dial-A-Koesister was born.

Koesisters cost R10 for three, with the delivery charge kicking off at R2 per kilometre outside of Wynberg.

Sunday isn’t the only the day you can expect a knock at your door – Dial-A-Koesister undertakes weekly drop-offs as well.

However, the weekly deliveries are for those who want to enjoy koesisters on any given day. “During the week if people would like to keep koesisters in their freezer, we also deliver unsugared ones as well,”¬†Abdurageem said.

Abdurageem plans to include other specialities in their delivery service, as he says they are looking to add samoosas to their menu.

Is the family business hoping to expand their venture? “We can’t say as of yet,” Abdurageem replied.

“Hopefully one day. It would be nice. At the moment it is being kept as a small family business on the side.”

Dial-A-Koesister can be contacted on: 073 367 1895


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