Over the past two weekends two groups of teenagers were mugged on separate occasions. According to a post by the Fish Hoek Beach Facebook page, a gang of five young adults have been targeting teenagers at the beach. The stories have been shared in the effort to encourage parents to not let their kids go to the beach unaccompanied over the holidays.

In a separate incident two weeks ago, Austrian couple Klaus and Johanna Michl were robbed of their belongings and stabbed on Noodhoek Beach. Klaus, 63, was stabbed three times in the abdomen, once in the side chest. His wife, Johanna, 68, was stabbed in her neck. The attacker fled with the couple’s backpack which contained their travel documents, camera and other valuables.

Take these safety precautions on the beach:

  • Stay away from isolated beaches
  • Go to the beach in big groups, there is safety in numbers
  • Keep travel documents and valuables in your room and out of sight if you are visiting Cape Town
  • Don’t flash your valuables such as smart phones, cameras, watches and jewelry
  • Avoid wearing money pouches like fanny packs or moon bags
  • Heed advice on unsafe beach areas


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