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Load-shedding update: current status right now

Never be left in the dark and unprepared during load-shedding hours in Cape Town, here’s everything you need to know in order to plan well ahead of the electricity going off.

Loadshedding Current Status

You can find outage tips, day and time of which your area will be affected by taking a look at the official city of cape Town load-shedding schedule 

Stay up to date with news happening at Eskom and in the city regarding the power grid.

About Loadshedding

A solution created to steer clear from a total national blackout by switching off the power for a fixed time in an area before moving on to the next area, allowing the load to be shed in a systematic and controlled way. Power cuts can last between two to four hours, depending on the urgency.

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Loadshedding Stages Explained

When power-cuts occur due to a result of load-shedding, this happens in stages 1 to 8, with 8 meaning that your power will be off for a maximum of eight hours. You can find all load shedding happening and more information about Eskom here.

How To Save Electricity And Be Prepared

Switch off and unplug all unused electronics and appliances i.e radios, microwaves, televisions, chargers, etc.

Keep cash on you as most ATMs cannot function during load-shedding,  make sure that all your devices are fully charged ahead of power cuts in your area, keep a gas stove ready in order to cook meals or prepare meals ahead of the electricity going off, keep backup batteries for security gates, torches, lamps, and security systems.