Rowdy. Chaotic. Wild. These are just a few of the words that naturally come to mind when you think of a hostel. You wouldn’t be wrong: many hostels are exactly like that. Having been a backpacker in Europe, I’ve had my fair share of dives. So, before arriving at Atlantic Point my hopes were not high. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Atlantic Point in Green Point feels like a home away from home. It’s serene and cosy. Instead of a classic hostel, Atlantic Point is better described as a co-living space. The way it is laid out feels like a home, and every guest is tucked away into their own corner, so much so that you barely realise other people are there.

Rooms differ depending on the one you choose. There are shared rooms and private rooms. I stayed in the double en-suite, which comes with a king-sized bed, private bathroom and a balcony that overlooks the garden and pool.

Atlantic Point has a full communal kitchen at your disposal, and the freedom to do what you want. Cook up some breakfast for you and your mates, take a dip in the pool and lie on the sun loungers if you want a chilled day, or head out and explore the Cape.

Situated just off of Green Point Main Road, Atlantic Point is surrounded by popular Cape locations. The Waterfront is a 15-minute walk away, and Sea Point promenade only 20 minutes. There is no end to the food options either. From Jason’s Bakery and Bootleggers to Cafe Paris and Giovanni’s, you’ve got your pick.

One thing a hostel always has is an interesting character – I met Atlantic Point’s on my first morning, a man named Pierre who had been living there for weeks. Pierre is the quintessential roamer: he has travelled all over the world and never settled down. He once lived on his boat but sold it just before lockdown, and has been hostel hopping ever since. He even plans to write a book on his experiences, so keep your eyes peeled.

Having lived in 15 hostels across Cape Town, Pierre has it on very good authority that Atlantic Point is by far the best. He has never felt more safe, or comfortable. I agree.

With lockdown, the world has become off-kilter. Much like other tourism-based businesses in the country, Atlantic Point has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. They largely cater to international tourists, and the current regulations on international travel mean that their major customers from high-risk countries like America, the UK and various parts of Europe are still banned from the country.

Now more than ever, it is important to support local. While booking a hotel room or Airbnb is often the easiest option, hostels are overlooked for their negative connotations. Guests can be assured that a stay at Atlantic Point offers all you need and more.

When planning your next trip, think local. When you do this, you provide a lifeline for businesses, and help keep a dream alive.

Picture/s: Kirsten Jacobs

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