A Southern Elephant seal, who is making himself at home on Fish Hoek beach while he molts has been honoured with his very own lifelike sand sculpture by a local artist.

Buffel the seal has been situated in one cordoned-off spot on the beach for several weeks now while he undergoes the process of molting, shedding his old skin and fur to make way for a new layer.

Cape Town’s renowned sand sculptor Michael Myekwa took the opportunity to sculpt Buffel out of sand on the beach and the sculpture bears an uncanny resemblance to the marine mammal.

Myekwa is a resident artist of the Fish Hoek community and has been capturing the public’s attention for several years with his impressive, sandy works of art.

He uses his hands along with various sticks and spades as tools to help create these beach-based masterpieces.

Myekwa found his latest muse in Buffel and created an incredibly-detailed piece that will be washed away with the tide.

The artist made the sculpture a short distance away from the seal himself, who appeared relaxed as Myekwa worked.



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A mammal scientist from the Department of Environmental Affairs, Mduduzi Seakamela told EWN that Buffel will leave Fish Hoek beach in a few weeks and head back into the ocean.

“His new hair is growing. As soon as he is heavy, his full layer of hair will grow, so it’s a very slow process. It will have to be an extra week or two before he starts testing the waters.”

Residents are reminded to please leave Buffel alone and steer clear of him during this vulnerable period. 


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