A group of students from Camps Bay High along with NPO Better SA have created an innovative way of helping the homeless stay dry and warm this chilly winter.

Using newspaper, recycled plastic and packaging tape, the pupils engineered warm, waterproof sleeping bags to distribute to the homeless people of Cape Town.

Students were taught how to make these sleeping bags through an instructive video. They proceeded to make 25 sleeping bags with the assistance of Better SA volunteers.

Students and volunteers working together to make the sleeping bags.

The Rotarian, Jo Maxwell, came up with the idea of making these simple and effective sleeping bags, which are designed to last for the entire winter season.

According to Good Things Guy, Maxwell drew inspiration for the idea while doing charity work and finding out that the blankets children living on the streets use are ineffective in keeping them warm.

Maxwell created prototypes of sleeping bags from home using plastic bags, newspapers and buff tape. Her final design was created using recycled heavy-duty plastic bags and ten layers of newspaper.

Many hands make light work.

The sleeping bags are waterproof and warm, and easy to carry around. The total cost of making one amounts to R6.

Dave de Korte, Principal of Camps Bay High School, said, “We believe being of service to the community is a very important aspect to creating active members of society and so like to offer our students opportunities where they can experience the joy of giving back, particularly to those less fortunate than themselves.”

If you are interested in creating sleeping bags for the homeless either individually or as part of a group, contact Lucia Losper from Better SA for more information via [email protected].

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Article written by

Imogen Searra